Thursday, September 24, 2009

My first book! Shadowy Secrets by Bonita Corbett aka Tzangel

I am and have been attempting to write a book for the past year now.  When I started writing it everything just poured onto paper, everything up until the middle of the first chapter!  I was so frustrated as I thought, "What the hell ~ I can never stop thinking, creating, daydreaming, etc but I can't get past this first f'g chapter of my book!"  It's highly irritating but I know that no matter how long it takes me, I will finish this book and you guys are going to love it ~ I promise!  That's why I decided to share the prologue with all of you.  Maybe one day soon I'll let you guys check out Chapter One!

Shadowy Secrets


“Has it all been leading to this?”,   “Is this what it all boils down to?” Annabelle thought to herself as she finally reached the dirt road.    She had been running for what seemed an eternity.   Behind her she could see the huge, white, old Victorian house nestled in the lush, green forest of Evergreen trees.   The house that up until a week ago, she never knew existed.  It had been in her family for years, the family she knew nothing about, the family that didn’t raise her. 

“I have to keep going”, she said to herself, it’s dark, windy and she remembers hearing that rain was in the forecast.  From the road she could see the clouds looming over the city and thinking about how much she would love to be in the city right now, any city.  The city had come to represent normality to her and at least she wouldn’t be here. 

Looking back, she should have seen the signs.   She knew they were there, she just ignored them.  “Is this my purpose in life?”, “Is this what I’ve been groomed for all of these years?”  She was dizzy just thinking about all the things that she’s discovered over the last 8 months, all of the secrets and evil hidden from her for so long.

“Where do I run?” she wonders.  She didn’t see any type of cover, just the road and massive empty space ahead of her.  With the city about 15 miles away in the distance, there’s no way she can get there in time.  But she has to try; she has to protect her unborn child.

She sees the dark shadow approaching.  She understands its purpose, she understands what it has been trying to tell her all of these years and she now knows who it is.

Written by Bonita Corbett

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